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Hair Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that involves injecting vitamins into the middle layer of the skin. Hair mesotherapy is frequently used to treat hair loss and maintain healthy hair by nourishing the roots. Minerals, vitamins and proteins are injected directly into the roots to encourage the growth of strong and healthy hair. The medicine is injected into the hair using a 2mm or 4mm needle. Thus, cellular metabolism is stimulated...


Hair transplantation techniques are divided into two, with the fue technique and the fut technique. Hair transplantation is a procedure that takes hair follicles taken from the site that is resistant to hair loss and transfers them to the place where hair loss has occurred at the upper part of the head. Hair transplantation techniques show procedure differences according to the shape of the hair, the situation of the scalp and...

DHI Hair Transplantation

Supported by PRP , DHI hair transplant(direct hair implantation) DHI hair transplant , fue hair and the only difference is a type of seeding method, chest hair and facial hair of the hair are taken out of the area to be planted after the placement of the hand with the pen. is known as the hair pen, Hair Pen / Needle inside the Choi, direct , hands-free, is a tool that...