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What is FUE and FUT ?

What is FUE and FUT ?

The difference between FUE method and FUT:

-Among the most prominent feature FUE method with FUT method is a form of receipt the hair from the scalp. Fut method is generally preferred because of the amount of hair on the scalp. Scalp is taken between two ears, the cut is closed with stitches and sewing operations place. Due to the aesthetic suture definitely will not leave any trace. The healing process is about a person’s own body structure.

-The roots excerpted are not suitable for growing the beard and eyebrows and also as we mentioned earlier practical effects and leave a scar in the back of the head does not go away

-In the FUE technique which is a modern technique … anesthesia where topical and where take off the roots without surgical intervention and by modern medical machine and there is no pain or complications of the process … The excerpted roots can be used to grow the beard and eyebrows and do not leave any trace or scar

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