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PRP Hair Treatment

PRP Hair Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections or most commonly known as PRP, is an innovative medical technology that naturally stimulates healing and regeneration. The process of PRP involves deriving platelets from your own blood. The platelets are infused with a special concoction of vitamins and minerals, which are then reinjected into the hair follicles. This encourages the regeneration of new, thicker, healthier, and stronger hair.

PRP works by using stem cells to encourage the human body to fight diseases and repair damaged organs. Strongly potent stem cells play an important role in accelerating the production of cells that are deficient in the body. Even if the cells in the hair are dead, stem cells will form new cells in the hair.

Recent research has shown that stem cells are an effective treatment for hair loss and hair repair. According to internationally published results, PRP treatment gave excellent results, even in patients who struggled with hair loss for many years. In short, stem cells derived from the cells of your own body are a unique method for hair treatment.

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